Melbourne Trip

Hi guys, hope you had a great holiday and ready to get back to your daily routines! I have been really busy with preparing my own clothing brand (Instagram: @eleventhapparel) which will be launched in two days. Feeling excited but also nervous! Plus, I'm now part of the ootdindo.com, which is the largest online media covering from street style fashion, runway shows and fashion tips and trends. I have been contributing with their articles for a month now so check out my article on their website and let me know what you guys think :)

For the last 3 weeks, I went back to Melbourne for holiday It's always good to be back there especially because it's summer. So here are some photos that I took in Melbourne and some of my outfit photos as well.

Wearing my current favourite shoes from Céline. It's a pony hair slip-on shoes, which sold out everywhere and I was lucky enough to have this pair of shoes. The pony hair is just really soft that I just love to give it a stroke sometimes.

One fine Sunday afternoon, I went to Luna Park, which is the oldest amusement park in Melbourne. Can't believe it was really crowded this time because the last time I went there, you can actually count how many people in that park. 

See my previous outfit post taken at Luna Park here!

The view from my apartment's balcony. The building with interesting wavy roof is called Southern Cross Station.

Top - Kenzo // Shorts - Topshop // Bag - Topshop // Shoes - Céline

Stay tuned for my next post!


BURO Concept Store & Coffee, Bali

During my last trip to Bali, I went to Buro Café which is located on the 2nd floor of Livingstone Café & Bakery, Seminyak. The café is not like any other cafe. Buro merged the idea of a coffee shop, working space and concept store to create a unique hang out place. The place is spacious and cozy, which makes it a great place for working and meeting clients. Buro also offers a range of clothing, accessories, shoes, artworks from local brands for their customers to shop. 

Elegant and stylish are the keywords to describe the café. I simply love the combination of clean white and natural woods together. Furthermore, the place has enough windows for its natural lighting inside the café which makes it a good place to take pictures or even outfit pictures. 

Top - Sportsgirl // Shorts & Outer - Tokyo // Nano Bag - Céline // Shoes - New Balance // CDC Bracelet - Hermès

See what I meant about the lighting? I think it's really nice and this is also one of the reasons why many Instagrammers visit this place.


36 Celcius

It was such a hot day when I took these outfit pictures. Even so, I still prefer taking photos outdoor rather than indoor just because the lighting is so much better and looks more natural. Here I am wearing sleeveless t-shirt with ripped shorts and a boyfriend shirt to cover me a little from the sun. Anyway did you notice that my hair is shorter now? I was being brave enough and cut around 15cm long, finally!

Shirt - Wear.hype (instagram) // Shorts - Topshop // Sleeveless T-shirt - TBar Australia // Shoes - Givenchy

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Another Escape

Had another sweet short escape and this time I went to Bali. Greenery and beach are the perfect words to describe this island. I was wearing loose tank tops with shorts to keep it casual, plus an outerwear that I got from Japan so that my skin won't get much darker. My skin tend to get darker or sunburn easily and it will take a while to get it back to normal so I always wear sunblock and avoid getting too much sun exposure. Anyway, sunglasses is a must have item in your bag if you are visiting this island. Mine is from Dior and I really love the reflective green lens. 

Tops - bardót // Nano bag - Céline // Sunglasses - Christian Dior // CDC bracelet - Hérmes // Shoes - New Balance 

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